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Pure Gym Case Study

Pure Gym Case Study


Pure Gym were looking at ways to maximise secondary spend within the clubs and provide and service and solution to their members.


P81 came up with a range of Vend friendly retail items to fit in with the brand to offer members a variety of ‘Gym Essential’ products.

The range consisted of a 4 digit combination padlock (we sat with our factory to reconfigure the mould and materials used to create a more secure and robust lock than ever offered before).

A sports bottle remoulded to a specific size to ensure it fit within the vend spiral. A workout towel with the inclusion of a zipped pocket to keep a member’s essentials in during a workout.

Also within the range is a Headphone, shower towel and workout gloves.


A coordinated range which created a fantastic visual appearance within the vend.

Client Quote

“The secondary spend on Pure Gym ‘gym essentials’ is a key part of our retail offering with substantial Revenues across the group. It also provides our members with the ability to buy kit and feel more part of their club with Pure Gym branded products”

“The service P81 offer is second to none and an essential part of our operation. They offer us a full online stock management, stock holding and delivery service direct into our clubs”  Pure Gym