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Basic Fit Case Study


Basic Fit were looking for a way to maximise membership sales opportunities and increase secondary spend both in club, online and though various external partners.


It was decided to create a membership package that included a trial 1 month membership and a starter pack of products with everything you need to ‘get started’ in the gym including a workout towel, sports bottle to keep you hydrated, a padlock to lock your valuable away in the locker whilst you are training and a bespoke pair of headphones to help you get through your workout whilst listening to your favourite beats !

It was decided that all the products should be packaged in a high end retail quality magnetic box to give that wow factor when opening. The reason a box was chosen was to enable the packs to be posted easily to people and also was ideal to then retail through high street retail partners.


The packs were initially trialled over a 1 month period and sold out within the first 3 weeks !.this was then rolled out across all territories in Europe.

Client Quote

“ The packs really have worked well. Members have bought packs for friends to bring them into the gym and get them starter with the 1 month membership. The merchandise in the box also meant the new member instantly felt part of the basic fit family and in turn meant they continued with their membership – for us its been a fantastic referral tool and also secondary spend generator through our website and high street retail partners

All the boxes and membership cards were individually coded so it meant we could track exactly where in Europe the packs had gone and give us that all important feedback !” Basic Fit